When life overwhelms you with joy!

This is one of those days when i am blissfully happy. There is no special reason behind it. I haven’t come of great money unexpectedly nor have i got a big job all of a sudden. Just that i feel comfortable and blessed with my humble self. You know that moment when you are so contented with yourself that you are afraid you will jinx it? Yes that’s what i am feeling right now. My family has been blessed with good health and my life has all the love i need, can anyone be any happier?

I have always felt that when we talk of genuine spirituality, it is possessed either by those who have nothing or by those who have everything. When a person is down and can fall no further, he finds a new found hope in god as he knows that things can only get better from there. Whereas when a person has everything (in a holistic context), the fear of losing it or jinxing it fills them with terror and they turn to spirituality. Spirituality comforts them with the thought that as long as they keep their karma clean, god will not rip off their happiness from them.

Maybe this is why in the past few years my life has taken a spiritual turn. A lot of things that i enjoyed just a few years ago seem pointless and redundant now. Yes my temper is as high as it always was but i try a lot to not ever actually harm anybody. I am a human, i have my faults but i try to minimize any hurt that i might be causing. Most of all, i have developed faith in the almighty that whatever he does is for the best and no matter how low i might be feeling at times, he will be right there to pick me up.

Along with my faith in the eternal power that watches over us, i also (now) believe in negative and dark forces. Being a science student it is only but a logical conclusion! If there are positive forces then there have to be equal and opposing negative forces too. I realize in the recent past, that some people are negative specifically for you or generally. Their energy can disturb the harmony around you and disturb your life. I cut down on many such people and ended up with only a handful of friends. But i am unrepentant for that as i can feel the energy field balanced and positive around me.

It is a never ending process, each day you meet many people and all of them carry their own force fields around them. All you can do is to sharpen your radar to increase its sensitivity and keep yourself surrounded by positivity. Some days i fail at this so i take refuge in the most positive place that i know- the near-most temple (even the small one at my house if i’m at home) and all my fears are allayed. In the end it’s all subjective. If you have strong enough faith in something, the universe will reward your faith but just maybe not in the way you envisioned it 🙂