What is love (and related woes)!

We all know that somebody who has a very unsuccessful love life. They cry their eyes out once every week/month about how their life is treating them unfairly and how love is just not in their destiny. Despite this cynicism, you will also find them proclaiming (in the time interval between their crying sessions which are generally weekly or monthly in  occurrence) that they have found their true love and how very perfect that darling he/she is!!! Does that confuse you just as much as it confuses me? Well confusion sure is irritating, so i decided to go ahead and waste my energy in finding a pattern in this madness…and as lists are the trend nowadays, i arranged my thoughts into one. If you are in a relationship, definitely go through this list and analyze your’s. All the best!
1) People generally don’t even know what love is! Our brain is organized in such a manner that we all desire that one individual who is solely ours and for whom our concerns are of great value. That quest for attention and importance. If you care enough for someone to make sacrifices for them, if you are so attached to them that you see your future with them, if you respect that person and trust him/her to be equally concerned and caring and protective of your interests, then congrats YOU ARE  IN LOVE!!! Anything less than this is just infatuation. Butterflies in the tummy and a soaring heartbeat can also be the outcomes of lust & infatuation, so learn to differentiate.

2) Love is blind but it should be wise. Bad boys and bad girls sure do seem interesting but learn to look beneath the layers (no pun intended :p ). Is that person trust-able, honest, caring, socially suited for you, physically and emotionally compatible with you? no matter what their external appearances indicate, if a man/woman fulfills these criterion and actually has love & concern in his/her heart for you, only then will your love-story succeed.

3) You should be able to feel free when with your love. We are generally quite self-conscious when among strangers or even friends but when with your partner you should be able to be just you! If your love is true, you are going to be stuck with your partner for a long long time and you sure don’t want to spend that much time pretending to be some one you are not!

4) Transparency and understanding. Try to involve your partner in your life. Discuss your day with them. Nobody likes surprises, so if tomorrow he or she comes to know that you have been chatting or meeting up with a person that they view as a potential threat to the relationship, the most essential element of a relationship that is trust will be broken!

As for understanding, that’s what makes a relationship fragrant. To  build it both of you should have patience for each other’s needs and a zeal to protect the wants and interests of your partner. Learn to empathize instead of being rigid in potentially explosive situations.

5) A relationship is like a tree. It needs to be nurtured. For a relationship to thrive, it is essential that you put in all your efforts to safeguard it. If you or your partner lack this zeal, then the relationship is ultimately doomed. Learn to forgive, but never forget. Guard your domain. Fight for your love. Show zero tolerance towards infidelity. Make your partner feel cherished and special. Treat your partner with respect and all will be right!imagesLast but not the least, a bad relationship is worse than no relationship. So instead of searching for the one desperately, love yourself and love your family!
Be happy!